OOH Shield Range

OOH Shield Masks

OOH Planet are delighted to announce our own range of masks that are US laboratory tested to be 94.1% effective against Covid-19. Combined with Viral, Bacterial and Particle Filtration rates of >99.99%, the OOH Shield mask range is in real terms over 500 times more effective than masks presently in use by front-line workers and members of the public all over the world.

For more information on why OOH Shield Masks are superior to any other mask on the market please read here. For pricing details please email info@ooh-planet.com

OOH Planet has conducted extensive levels of due diligence to ensure legitimacy of the products, and a list of testing and certification can be found here.

There are three types of mask available to suit different needs, all branded as KV99 masks. Our KV99 Flat masks are for general public use, equivalent to IIR masks. For more advanced masks there KV99 3D masks which are FFP2 equivalents, and KV99 Cup masks akin to current N95s. All of these masks carry the Covid killing layer, and have VFE, BFE and PFE rates of 99.99%

OOH Planet are happy to accept proposals from distribution partners who share our ethical standpoint, wanting to ensure that the present limited supply gets to end users, whether they be front-line workers or members of the public.

To display your interest please email info@ooh-planet.com in the first instance, and we will explain the process for direct purchase or distribution partnership.

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The Worlds First Covd Killing Mask