OOH Shield Range

OOH Robot

Please allow us to introduce to you an invention that can make large spaces infection free for 24 hour windows. This is the incredible creation that is the OOH Robot, available from OOH Planet right now.

The OOH Robot can dispense NatShield, disinfect using UVC (Ultra-Violet C) or a combination of both. With a proven track record in hospitals and clinical environments, the Intelligent Sterilisation Robot is undergoing trials at a range of international airports and is now available through us at wholesale prices, either for end users or distribution.

Read more about this extraordinary technology here.

Key features of the robot are:

Autonomous Movement: A floor plan map can be imported into the robot or via autonomous discovery mode. The user can also configure the system for disinfection mode, positional control, automatic routing, automatic home return and recharge.

Highly Efficient: With a 360 degree spray head, the robot can maximise cleaning efficiency by exploring the map and minimise disinfection time.
The ISR is clinically and field tested and verified to kill 99.99% of all bacteria and disinfect in 10 mins (per 5m x 5m area). Rapid mode also available to obtain a 95% disinfection rate under 6 mins.

Completely Safe: The robot is able to avoid moving objects (such as humans), the UVC is compliant to WS/T 367 – A.3.1.2, GB19258, and NatShield is FDA and EPA approved as well as certified organic.

Please email info@ooh-planet.com in the first instance and we will contact you via your preferred contact method.