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OOH M3 System

Information about the product, endorsements, the rigorous levels of testing it has passed and how it works – OOH M3 Brochure

Air-conditioning. It’s everywhere. As temperatures rise all around the world, it has become a necessity in the summer of every workplace, shop, hotel, bar, venue and many homes. It doesn’t even need to be summer to be used on every flight you take, almost every gym you go to, anywhere you go that doesn’t have windows.

Contemplate all the air being circulated around these places, and the amount of people in them. It only takes one person to be breathing out pathogens that cause infection (such as Covid-19 and influenza) and those pathogens are circulated around by the air-conditioning until everyone in the room has breathed them in. The average adult breathes in 18,000 litres of air a day.

Millions of work days are lost to illness every year, with obvious economic impacts. The human and social costs of illness are worse.

The solution is the OOH M3 System. Our air-conditioning system works by establishing requirements for levels of pathogen control, and dispensing Path-Away (for more information on Path-Away click here) to kill the pathogens, rendering the air completely safe from infection.

The units are high-end but the price is not, they come in single or multiple units depending on your environment and are simple to control through your Wi-Fi.

As well as direct orders, OOH Planet are seeking regional distribution partners for the OOH M3 System. For more details on direct purchase or distribution partnership opportunities please email info@ooh-planet.com in the first instance and we will contact you to discuss this further.