OOH Shield P.P.P.

With years of experience in the field of pathogen control and extensive Research and Development, OOH Planet are delighted to launch our OOH Shield P.P.P. (Personal Pathogen Protection) range, including the world’s first Covid-19 killing face mask.

Our intention is to ensure that the limited supply of all our products are correctly prioritised for the people that need them, regardless of location, politics or belief. We are providing ground-breaking technology at ethical prices, with a range that will impact our planet in a positive fashion, saving lives and improving health.

OOH Shield face masks have >99.99% Viral Filtration Efficiency that kills Covid-19 (99.81%), a personal and organic, alcohol-free spray, that kills over 170 pathogens including the surrogate of Covid-19. Our OOH robot sterilizes large areas. Our OOH Conditioning units sanitize multiple areas.

OOH Planet will soon be launching OOH Pharm, with supplements to help keep everyone healthy, and OOH Cares will be the charitable arm of our company.

There are opportunities for like-minded people to come on board as distributors for our products for certain territories, please email info@ooh-planet.com for more information.

The OOH Shield Range

OOH Shield Masks
Game changer. The Worlds First COVID killing range of masks. >99.99% VFE/BFE with an extra layer that is 99.81% COVID effective.

NatShield Sanitizer
Organic, Natural, Alcohol-free Sanitizer. >99.99% effective against 170+ pathogens, lab tested against COVID surrogate.

OOH Robot
Intelligent Sterlization Robot used for making large areas safe from infection using the latest UV-C technology and COVID effective sanitizer.

OOH M3 System
Air conditioning system. Distributes sanitizer that kills COVID and 170 other pathogens into any room 24/7 making it free from infection.

OOH Plastic
New, proven and negligible cost additives that create 100% Biodegradable and 100% Compostable plastic, for commercial use.