The Environmental Impact

of single use masks…



The world has been hit with one of its biggest challenges of modern
times. Due to COVID 19, mask use has become mandatory in public
places throughout most global territories.

Managing plastic waste is also a major global problem as most
polymers do not degrade after land filling. More waste has been seen
in our seas and oceans, damaging marine life, ecosystems and food

Contaminated and not reusable, single use masks are rivalling the dreaded plastic carrier bag as yet another waste product…. leaving an irreversible, infectious and hazardous mark on the environment.

Masks are harming the ocean and everything in it, impossible for marine life to
detect. Fish eat the microplastics, humans eat the fish.

On land, birds and other animals are being trapped within littered masks. Masks are washing up on shorelines across the world.

This is not only a human pandemic, Covid 19 is causing an environmental pandemic. According to a report from the universally respected journal Environmental Science and Technology, an estimated 129 billion face masks* are used around the world every month…. this is 1.5 TRILLION masks a year

Let’s say that number again 1.5 TRILLION . This is close to 200 masks for every man, woman and child on Earth.

*sources –

To give this some scale…….
The picture to the left shows what 60 billion boxed up face masks looks like.

This is the amount being disposed of every two weeks. Another damning statistic is that eight million tonnes of plastic enter the world’s oceans each year.

This is the equivalent of a full garbage truck being emptied into the sea every minute.

The time for change is now.

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