Galen Biomedical Inc.
Product Partner

Galen have been instrumental in creating EarthMask and bringing the world’s first commercially available 100% biodegradable face masks to market. It has been a mission for Galen and OOH to find a solution to the mask pollution situation since the pandemic began, and Galen have sourced the other partners to bring this to fruition.

Technology Partner

Metbotics are the scientific backbone of EarthMask. Making a fully oxo-biodegradable solution takes years of research, years of development, years of testing and no small amount of expense. The scientists involved have trained at NASA, Johns Hopkins and MIT among a plethora of world renowned research institutes.

Tooba Impex
Logistics Partner

Tooba Impex have been significant in sourcing the best and most cost effective solutions for the manufacture of EarthMasks. From factories to raw material suppliers to transport facilities, Tooba are largely responsible for ensuring that the masks are of the highest quality at the lowest price possible, and will be master distributor of EarthMasks in India.

DSS Secure
Quality Partner

An industry leader in providing dynamic solutions to protect corporations, financial institutions, and governments from sophisticated and costly counterfeiting and fraud. We are delighted to use DSS’ innovative anti counterfeit, authentication, and brand protection solutions to prevent counterfeit products coming to market and facilitate more customer engagement.

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