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A revolution in the PPE market, a 100% biodegradable 3-ply mask that takes 24 months to degrade into humus, CO2 and water. No microplastics left behind.

Our masks live up to their promises with no hidden catches. We are not claiming to be compostable and then only being compostable with industrial machinery at ultra-high temperatures. We are not claiming to be 100% biodegradable and leaving harmful microplastics in the sea. EarthMask is 100% biodegradable, even down to the nose clip, even down to the packaging. The technology is incredible, and has been years in the making.

EarthMask starts out looking like any other 3-ply mask out there, other than the fact it is white. It is white as we don’t use harmful dyes, and as it is intended to be single-use protection, it’s better not to have dirt and germs masked by colour. Around two years later, your mask has biodegraded into CO2, humus and water. Meanwhile, the other 3-ply mask is around 448 years away from becoming microplastics. This is an estimate as NO plastic ever made has biodegraded yet.

For more information on EarthMask please read the information on our site, starting here.