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Introduction – Coming Soon To OOH Planet

  • Every month, we plan to promote two (one U.K. and one International) new charitable, social justice or environmental causes, in addition to those previously announced.
  • We will welcome any suggestions.
  • OOH is not a registered charity in our own right and will not take any donations.
  • We are looking to form a Board and regional teams to assist management and invite applications.


An estimated 320,000 people are homeless in the UK, according to the latest research by Shelter. This equates to one in every 201 Brits and was an increase of four per cent on the previous year’s number.  The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to increase this already unacceptable figure, whilst Lockdown has stopped many from giving their loose change to those without a meal.

We are looking for support, volunteers and ideas to share on our website and newsletter.

The Community Fridge


In 2013, one in ten U.K. adults were involved in an environmental group.  This was not enough and in 2019 almost half of 18- to 24-year-olds chose environmental issues as one of the nation’s three most pressing concerns, compared with 27% of the general population. The facts are shocking:

The older the age range, the lower the concern for the planet left for our children and future generations.  Brands such as McDonalds and Coca Cola deliberately target children to generate customers for life.  It is one the most successful strategies of all time.

We must to reverse this and educate the older generations, who undoubtedly care for their children.  A Conservative MP is five times more likely to vote against climate action and the younger generation is not enough to influence change.

What will we tell our children?