Definition of ooh – used to express amazement, joy, or surprise

Selected acronyms of ooh – Out of Hours and Out of Hospital

Mission Statement

OOH Planet is part of a Group of companies incorporated “To create a global platform providing the finest scientific, technological and chemical free healthcare products, services and solutions for the benefit of all”.


On 30 January the WHO Director-General reconvened their Emergency Committee and advised that the COVID-19 outbreak constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.  It was clear the virus was likely to become a global pandemic. OOH Planet delayed the synchronized launch of a global group of companies, incorporating several exclusive, patented and/or white label healthcare technology, services and products – including investments from NASA, European Space Agency and Governmental Organisations.

Our focus was redirected to scientific, medical and market research for COVID-19 solutions – Testing, Monitoring, PPE, Treatment and long-term solutions. A significant core of our team (not publicly announced) are specialists in UK Healthcare, with decades of experience including (but not limited to) NHS employment, Managed Services and Supply Chains, Compliance and Fraud Investigation, Policy, Training, Appraisals and Revalidation, Framework Tenders, Financial Diligence and the provision of related products, services and staffing.

Our mantra is Health – Education – Equality.


The groups poisoning our animals, plants and atmosphere with chemicals, also own the companies that manufacture the drugs and vaccines used to treat us. Our planet is dying – it is undeniable that our climate is rapidly changing beyond repair.

The chemicals we produce and consume are responsible for polluting our food chain resulting in species extinction and climate change occurring, at a faster rate than in human history.

Our future is tied to our planet’s health. The only solution is to adjust what we produce and consume.  OOH promotes and provides chemical free, climate friendly and sustainable healthcare solutions for the benefit of all life on earth.


Misinformation and propaganda dominate social media, advertising and news.  It is now almost impossible to separate fact from fiction. This is especially the case with COVID-19, climate change and equality issues. We filter out the lies and share information on several key issues.


The majority of people do not consciously “discriminate”, rather almost everyone “elevates” based on ethnicity, religion, politics, nationality, gender, belief, disability, status and personal choice.

At a time when humanity most needs co-operation, we are more divided than ever – war, disease, famine and natural disasters are the consequences.  Our differences are our best assets.

OOH Planet are always keen to hear from like-minded people who share our passion for natural solutions and ethical business. Please feel free to contact us at info@ooh-planet.com with any questions you may have, or for synergistic opportunities.

Yours faithfully,

The OOH Planet Team