Definition of ooh – used to express amazement, joy, or surprise

Selected acronyms of ooh – Out of Hours and Out of Hospital

Everyone wants to change the world. But for most that want to change it for the better, it seems too daunting a task.

OOH Planet is a platform supported by companies and stakeholders around the world. We have come together with the intention of inviting every individual, group, company and organisation to join, help and grow a united team and movement to make genuine, ongoing and sustainable positive changes.

The World's First Covid-19 Killing Masks

Patented, affordable masks laboratory tested to be 99.81% effective against Covid-19, with >99.99% Viral Filtration Efficiency

Cutting edge technology

Our Intelligent Sterilisation Robots can make large areas safe for roaming using UV-C technology combined with OOH Sanitizer

Natural & Certified Organic Supplements

Ferrari and Mercedes don’t put diesel in a Formula 1 car. Your body is more complicated than any car – service and maintain it with Nobel Prize nominated science from our OOH-Pharm

Make a difference

Help recommend, promote and support good causes around the world with OOH Cares

Alternative solutions

A certified organic, alcohol free spray that kills 170+ pathogens, and air-conditioning units that protect you against infections rather than spreading them

Supply, Purchase or Represent

Join or Partner with us from anywhere in the world, to be part of a new and unique supply chain