Definition of ooh – used to express amazement, joy, or surprise

Selected acronyms of ooh – Out of Hours and Out of Hospital

Everyone wants to change the world. But for most that want to change it for the better, it seems too daunting a task.

OOH Planet is a platform supported by companies and stakeholders around the world. We have come together with the intention of inviting every individual, group, company and organisation to join, help and grow a united team and movement to make genuine, ongoing and sustainable positive changes.

The World's First Covid-19 Killing Masks

Patented, affordable masks laboratory tested to be 99.81% effective against Covid-19, with >99.99% Viral Filtration Efficiency

Cutting edge technology

Our Intelligent Sterilisation Robots can make large areas safe for roaming using UV-C technology combined with OOH Sanitizer

Natural & Certified Organic Supplements

Ferrari and Mercedes don’t put diesel in a Formula 1 car. Your body is more complicated than any car – service and maintain it with Nobel Prize nominated science from our OOH-Pharm

Make a difference

Help recommend, promote and support good causes around the world with OOH Cares

Alternative solutions

A certified organic, alcohol free spray that kills 170+ pathogens, and air-conditioning units that protect you against infections rather than spreading them

Supply, Purchase or Represent

Join or Partner with us from anywhere in the world, to be part of a new and unique supply chain


Holista Colltech Ltd

Holista Colltech Ltd is a research-driven biotech company, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, providing natural solutions to the world’s problems.

Curie Ltd

Curie Ltd (named after Marie Curie) is a tech start-up based in Hong Kong, with a focused-on material science innovation and technology development, application and productization.


ACI was founded in 2004, predominantly assisting agencies overhaul their policies, procedures and compliance standards to ensure Platinum supplier status.


With over 150 years of combined expertise, GICC completely understand the dynamics of the pathogenic bioaerosol connection to the human infection matrix.